2016 Submissions

Feuer Scheintt Classical Song
Lacrimosa Classical Song
A Long Unhappy Ending Indie Song
August Indie Song
chopin nocturne 21 Classical Song
J.S. Bach - Prelude No. 1 in C Classical Song
Frederic Chopin - Prelude No. Classical Song
Sonata for Piano No.8 Classical Song
The Goldberg Variations Classical Song
Sonata nr.6 in E-flat minor Solo Instrument Song
Nocturne nr.5 in C-sharp minor Solo Instrument Song
Portal 2 Bach - Praeludium Nr. Video Game Song
The Basement Sessions Indie Song
How High the Moon Indie Song
4 pm - Eleanor Solo Instrument Song
Waltz #2 Indie Song
Mary Indie Song
Moonlight Sonata Classical Song
sneak peak How High the Moon Indie Song
Angeles [cover] Indie Song
Mary is missing Indie Song
Nocturne Op.9 No.2 Chopin Classical Song
Soulmates themesong Indie Song

2012 Submissions

So Cold Indie Song
Press Record Dance Song
Scene 5 Dance Song
City Dance Song
God Save the DJ Dance Song
Episode 4 pt.3 Dance Song
Episode 4 pt.2 Dance Song
Episode 4 pt. 1 Dance Song
No Words (Directors Cut) Dance Song
Dance Dance Song
My World Dance Song